The Honeysuckle Difference


Postpartum Doulas, Lactation

Specialists, & Nannies

We are a full service Postpartum Doula, Lactation Specialist,

and Nanny Collective serving Metro Atlanta, Metro Orlando

and surrounding communities.

What does a Postpartum Doula do?

•Newborn care                                                            •Light housekeeping

•Parent education and support                                    •Meal preparation

•Family empowerment                                               •Sibling Care

•Lactation assistance                                                  •Overnight care available


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What does a Lactation Specialist do?

•Determines breast feeding problems                    •Increases milk supply

•Implements solutions                                            •Informs about milk storage

•Instructs on technique and positions                    •Instructs on breast pump usage

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What can we do for you and your baby?

Evidence based research shows that Postpartum Doulas are proven to decrease the incidence of Postpartum Depression.

Lactation Specialists can help you increase your milk supply, duration, and satisfaction with the breast feeding experience for both mother and baby.

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Honeysuckle Doulas  •  (404) 291-6871

Honeysuckle Doulas


- Certified Postpartum Doulas

  1. -Certified Lactation Specialists

  2. -Infant & Child CPR Certified

  3. -Spotless Background Checks

  4. -Members of Birth University

  5. -Members of CAPPA 

  6. -Members of DONA

  7. -Members of GA Birth Network

  8. -Experienced Mothers and/or Post Graduate Women