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What a Lactation Specialist Does:

• Conveniently travels to your home to discuss breast feeding questions with you and your partner

• Deals primarily with the normal process of lactation

• Provides technical details for helping women with breast feeding

• Implements a program to assess breast feeding during the first two weeks

• Evaluates proper sucking behavior and helps babies who refuse to latch to the breast

• Solves issues such as sore nipples, engorgement, inverted nipples

• Recommends breast feeding devices that really help

• Discusses what to do for fussy newborns and issues for older babies

• Assists in creating a healthy breast feeding diet and vitamin/mineral regimen

• Addresses special breast feeding situations such as illness, hospitalization, drugs, induced lactation and relactation, jaundice, failure to thrive

• Teaches breast feeding for multiples and tandem nursing for newborn and older baby

• Informs mothers about breast pumping and milk storage, as well as legal policies in public and the workplace

• Educates on historical and public health ramifications

  1. Communicates by telephone or email for further questions after initial visit   

Hourly Rate: $45 (plus travel fee when necessary)

Free telephone/email consult after in-home visit.

Please call 404-291-6871 to hire a Lactation Specialist.

E-mail: info@honeysuckledoulas.com


Hourly : $45 for Lactation Specialist

       (plus travel fee when necessary)

Free telephone/Email consults after in-home visit.

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